Make your own easy application especial 2go that will contain your own information. This require no computer or computer knowledge you can do it easily with your Mobile phone in a few minute with
you phone with this following Applications:

1        1.BlueFTP/ X-plore
2    2.5in 1 Modding Tools: you can get it from google
3    3.The Application you want to mod Zip files e.g 2go zip file you can search for it @

Extracting The Zip File
Open The Zip File With BlueFTP, Select All The Files In It And Extract Into An Empty Folder.
Editting The Class Files
Open Your Class Translator And Locate The Folder Where The Extracted Files Are, Open The Class Files One After The Other And Edit. After Editing, Press Save, To Save Your Edited Content.
Editting The MANIFEST.MF File And Any Other File That Is'nt A Class File
Open Your Class Editor And Locate The Extracted Files, Open META-INF Inside MANIFEST.MF Folder. Open It To View The Midlet-Name And Other Midlets, Just Change Them To Any Name You Want. Also Locate Other Files That Are Not Class Files And Edit, After Editting Press Option Then Press Save To Save Your The Content.
Changing The Icon Or Any Other Picture In The Application
In The Extracted Files You Will See Icon And Pictures If Their Is.. To Change, Replace It With Your New Picture Or Icon And Make Sure The Name And Format Is Also The Same.
Compressing The Files
Now To Pack Your Application, Open Your blueFTP Locate The Folder Where The Extracted Files Are, Open It Press Menu => Press Select All ..Press Menu Again Then Scroll Down To Compress As Jar Press Ok Then Enter The Name e.g MyMod_jar. After Compressing You Can Rename To .jar For The Application To Start Working.


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