How to check for the validity of your vehicle’s number plate online 2017

Do you know that it is possible for you to easily check for the validity or otherwise of your vehicle’s number plate online in Nigeria? In case you don’t know, continue reading to see how.

I’ve heard of people that have been scammed of their hard-earned money when they try to pay someone to help them register their newly-acquired vehicles to get the required documentation and a number plate. There are cases in which the “vehicle registration agents” bring fake documentation and a fake number plate to the vehicle owner, which is not available in the vehicle registration database of the country.
There have been allegations that officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and the National Vehicle Inspection Service of the country are in on this scam because the documents and number plate all look real, but you won’t know that it’s not the real deal until a policeman, Road Safety official or VIO stops you, checks your documents and tell you they are all fake.

However, to deal with this problem, the FRSC has provided an online portal that would help you to easily check your number plate online and confirm whether it was duly registered or not. Simply follow the steps below to get this done

    Go to
    Enter your plate number without spaces and click the “Verify” button. (It’s important not to include spaces in the number that you are entering)


    Nigerian Number Plate Verification Portal
    If your number is valid and was properly registered, you would get the message “Number Plate is valid and assigned to <The brand of your car here>“. eg. “Number Plate is valid and assigned to Toyota Corolla“. If you enter an incorrect or a fake number that has not been duly registered, then you’ll get the message “Invalid/Wrong Number Plate“.

Please, note that due to privacy concerns, the system would only tell you that the number plate is valid and show the name/brand of the car it is assigned to, but it won’t show any personal information about the vehicle owner.

So, the next time someone helps you with your vehicle documentation and new number plate, just launch a browser on your phone and check for the validity of your vehicle’s number plate to be sure that you are getting the real deal from the person.


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