How to Disable Automatic OTA Update on iPhone

There are some people who loves getting OTA updates, while there are some that doesn't like it for one reason or the other. If you could recall, I've published a post to guide you on how to disable OTA notification on Android; and here's another step for the iPhone users.

OTA update process on iOS is quite different from Android. On iOS platform, it's usually done in the background. You won’t even get a notification when it is downloading, while on Android, you sometimes get a notification for the update, or you can manually check for the update in settings.

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However, not everyone wants OTA updates. Some of the updates might come with bugs, or they could slow down your device. You can disable OTA updates easily, and you can do that on any iPhone.

    Note that you can also disable OTA updates on jailbroken iPhones. All you need to do is install a Cydia repository.

This tutorial is for non-jailbroken devices, follow these steps below to disable OTA updates on iPhone.

>> First, delete any downloaded update on your phone. Go to Settings > General > Storage and iCloud, then tap on Manage Storage. Tap on the OTA update file awaiting installation and then tap Delete.

>> Open Safari browser, then go to this GitHub repository:

>> The website will give you an iOS software profile which you should download and install. This software profile comes from Apple TV OS, and it only has beta updates which won’t be downloaded to an iPhone.

>> Once you install the profile, reboot your device and wait. When this is done, you won’t see any update prompts in the Software Update section. If you want to get OTA updates after that, simply uninstall the software profile you downloaded.

Simple as that. Hope you find this useful?



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