Steps By Step Guide On How To Turn Off iPhone Camera Sound

Normally, when you take a picture with an Android phone, Java or Symbian phone, the phone makes a sound that tells that the picture has been taken. But there are times when you would like to take a picture of someone without him/her knowing, that's when you have to turn off the camera sound.

So many phones does not have this feature, example of  phones is iPhone. So, i will be guiding you on how you can manually turn off iPhone camera sound. However, it’s a bit complicated. Here’s how to disable iPhone camera sounds.


>> Tap on the Mute button on the side of your iPhone before taking a picture.

Another option is to launch the music app and play a song. Then lower the volume of the song to zero, then launch the Camera app and take your photo. With this, your camera won't make a sound after taking a picture. 
To rename the sound file on your iPhone, you need a tool called iExplorer or iFile on your jailbroken phone.

First, connect your iDevice to SSH. Then use this command to rename the shutter sound effect: mv/System/Library/Audio/UISounds/photoShutter.caf to /System/Library/audio/UISounds/photoShutter-off.caf

We'd hope to see Apple adds this feature to turn off camera sound on iPhone, just as it's been done on Android. That's all friends.

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