You Won't Believe How Much Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) Bought His T-shirt

Facebook's CEO -Mark Zuckerberg- is known for wearing one color of T-shirt which is a grey shirt, plus a blue jean and Nikes. If you have seen his pictures, you will notice that he loves putting on Grey shirt and a blue jean. Though, he puts on Suit occasionally.

Recently, Mark showed off his closet filled with grey t-shirts. Like seriously, those shirts are not just ordinary shirts. They are specially ordered from Brunello Cucinelli, and reportedly cost between $300 and $400. A few years ago, H&M rolled out a joke "Zuckerberg collection," but that's not on sale anymore.

Klaus Buchroithner, CEO of Vresh Clothing, decided to study Zuckerberg's shirt closely, and make a replica of it, or as "a close to the original shirt" without being the same exact item — kind of like how Instagram rolls out new features.

Buchroithner looked at the fabric, the color, and even the length of the t-shirt while crafting the replica. Now the "Zuckerberg Shirt" is on sale for 40 euros, or about $46. They're made in Italy and all profits go to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a philanthropic company funded by the Facebook fortune that sometimes invests in startups.
Zuckerberg Shirt

Below are the specifications for the "Zuckerberg Shirt:"

Fabric: 100% mercerized combed cotton, Made in Italy (extra soft)

Weight: 180g per m² (20% more than industry standard)

Color: zucker-grey tones, melange (sale e pepe)

Stitching: double-stitched with PEGASUS EX3215-03 Serger.

Can you buy this replica of Zuckerberg T-shirt for $46? 



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